Case Photos

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View of new CEREC crown from other side.  Thanks for watching!Amalgam overhang being smoothed which will help make flossing easier for this patient.21The adjacent tooth with the silver filling has a ledge (overhang) of filling material below the gum line. Overhangs accumulate plaque and makes it difficult for patients to floss without getting the floss hung-up. While I am in there working, I will address issues like this whenever I have access. Removing the old crown therefore provided access and an opportunity to smooth things up!21Step 1: old (leaking) crown removed from subject tooth21

Core Build-Up & Cerec Porcelain Crown

One of the great things about using Dental Operating Microscopes (with digital cameras attached to them), is that my trigger-happy assistant can snap away while I’m working! Showing patients what I see (before, during and after treatment) is a big plus over trying to explain what I saw and did through words alone.